Purposeful Focus in Action

This 8-Week Program is not only designed to lead to an understanding how purposeful focus can benefit you in the farming and agri-sector, but to guide you through the practices that lead to more purposeful focus, better decision making and a happier and successful life.  

Part 1:

The video series on purposeful mindfulness in action will share the latest in neuroscience and the psychology of success and will formulate the first part of the programme. To receive this series free of charge, sign up today.

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Part 2:

The second part of the programme, run over 8-12 weeks, will include defining your goals, taking a mindfulness measurement index to facilitate a personal action plan, 1:2:1 personal coaching, daily meditation and an app to support your purposeful focus in action.

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The 8-Week Program promises 4 key things.  You will learn:

  1. How to focus – our brains are actually wired to not focus.
  2. How to set your goals to ensure your subconscious expects your goals to be achieved.
  3. How best to make decisions and solve problems – there are normally unused parts of our brain that can do this effortlessly.
  4. How to banish stress – we’re wired to be stressed but it is really an illusion.


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