The Results....So far....                                

For each participant, qualitative data and quantitative data has been gathered and the format of the study is laid out below.  All of the participants shown here have given consent for their profiles to be shared under their name.  This is of course not compulsory - (the programme is fully confidential and anonymous unless otherwise expressed).
To date 21 participants have completed the programme and have collectively shown the following results;
- 21.3 % Decrease in stress
- 20.6 % Increase in a positive mind set
- 18.4 % Increase in purposeful focus
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The More the Merrier

The study has also identified that those participants that have reported meditating at least 5 times per week have collectively shown an even greater positive impact on their lives;

- 27.6 % Decrease in Stress

- 24.4 % Increase in a positive mind set

- 22.8 % Increase in purposeful focus

To view full results so far and the Focussed Farmers Story CLICK HERE

How we have Collected Data

Quantitative Data

After watching the video series, the participants took a Mindfulness Measurement Index (MMI) which consists of 100 statements to rate 1 - 10.  It is not a personality profile nor a psychometric test, it is a snapshot of how the individual sees themselves and feels about areas of their life.

After 8 - 10 weeks of regular meditation, supported by coaching sessions for the participant around mindful ways to set goals, the MMI was again taken by the participant and a graph is shared to compare results.

Below shows the typical difference that the study has shown will be made through regular meditation of just 10 minutes each day (click on each profile to the right to view individual results).

Typical Graph to Show Change Over 8 Weeks

General results.png

Qualitative Data 

The participants were also quizzed on the personal benefits that the programme of coaching and meditation has brought to them and again you can read in more detail if you click the profiles on the right hand side.


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Participant Profiles

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