Coaching Resources

Business leaders at the top of their game use coaches or mentors to develop themselves and their businesses and this is no different within agriculture.  You may use a mentor who has specialist knowledge in your industry who can offer specific advice or experience or you may use a coach, especially when focussing on yourself and your own goals. A coach will listen and they will ask questions and not just the easy ones, they are not afraid of asking the difficult questions! 

First and foremost these coaches will help you figure out where you're going and the best route to get there - if you're interested in using mindfulness and mental training to support your development, they'll be able to help you work out if it's a good tool for you, offer advice of how to get started and keep you on track.

Recommended Coaches 

Holly B profile pic.png

Holly Beckett is the fourth generation of a farming family in the West Midlands, with a long history of diversification including dairy, beef, sheep and egg production.  They now farm 1200 acres of conventional arable land alongside running a farm shop, restaurant, cookery school and conference facilities – Holly understands the joys and frustrations of working within a family business!

Holly undertook a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2015 looking at practical applicationsfor business growth through the development of people. She gained sponsorship in 2016, from The Frank Parkinson Agricultural Trust, to pilot the introduction of mindfulness to agriculture and after teaming up with Willie Horton, Focussed Farmers was born.

Holly offers a coaching programme to get people started if they need a little encouragement and mindfulness and meditation is at the forefront of this.  She recognises however that coaching in itself is a powerful tool and looks to promote this through this bank of coaches she believes to have a well-developed understanding of human behaviour and practice good mental hygiene, but who themselves have their own tools and methods to help you get where you want to be.  Email Holly for more information or Call Holly on 07815 917 352

Chris Kneale, born and brChris  Kneale.pnged on the Isle of Man, has an interest in all things rural, wildlife and farming.  With a farming background, Chris has experience, knowledge and a positive outlook which is always prepared to challenge the status quo....just because it has always been done a particular way - does not mean that there isn’t a better way.

Chris has recently launched Agricoach, guiding and supporting farmers and farm businesses to develop and achieve their goals.  Working with AgriCoach can help...Increase your confidence in yourself and also gain a greater control over your business.  Understand your business better, what drives profit and what influences profit.  Improve the resilience of your business against market fluctuations, unpredictable weather patterns and BREXIT. 

Visit the Agricoach website or Email Chris to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively call Chris directly on 07624 301863


Rich Ferguson FF profile.png

Richard Ferguson founder and owner of Kili Consulting is an experienced management consultant with a proven track record supporting organisations in successfully developing strategic plans, developing leadership teams, managing transformations, embedding change, developing and motivating their people across cultural and geographical boundaries. 

With over 24 years’ experience working with blue chip organisations around the world, he has supported senior leadership teams, programme teams and operational units deliver results, coaching individual executives and teams to improved performance.  Richard has an infectious enthusiasm, which, coupled with the ability to build strong relationships at all levels in organisations combines to make a real difference.  An outstanding executive coach, speaker, facilitator, communicator and relationship builder, Richard will engage individuals, teams and groups, energising, challenging and supporting them to exceed their expectations. 

He is also a frustrated farmer and has strong links with the Agricultural Industry, supporting the Tesco Future Farmer programme since its inception.

Visit the Kili Consulting website or Email Richard to find out what he can offer you and your business.


jonathan bruderlein.png

Jonathan Bruderlein is a nerd...a really big nerd. He loves numbers, loves spreadsheets, and above all, loves people. Jonathan owne

In 2017, Jonathan and his family decided to take a sabbatical, convert their delivery van into a camper, and travel around the USA and Canada for almost 3 years, visiting farms, learning, and getting a new perspective on life!d and operated a successful certified organic vegetable farm in Dunham, Quebec for a number of ears using a mix of tractor power and draft horsepower. 

Jonathan is now back in Quebec and in the process of launching the second iteration of the farm. Having completed a life coaching training during these travels, Jonathan has been successfully applying the life coaching model in the farming community for the past 2 years.

As a life and business coach, Jonathan supports successful farmers and entrepreneurs to think outside the box, see even greater possibilities for success in all areas of their lives, and fully implement the things they know they need to be doing (even in the height of the growing season!!!) Since the separation of work and personal life is really an illusion, Jonathan and his clients delve into any and all topics that are useful: From sales and marketing, communication with your spouse, employee management, spending time with your kids, business systems, to cropping systems… and everything in between. Curious? Check out his website, subscribe to his blog, or schedule a free introductory session.


Lilwen Selina.png

Lilwen Selina (BSc (Hons) MBACP EAGALA (Cert)) is a Business Coach and Facilitator passionate and committed to changing mind sets and shifting any blocks in business leaders and organisations.

As an experienced coach, facilitator and therapist for personal and business development, her expertise in the farming or rural business sector is working alongside the family farm to look at diversification projects and get clear goals and outcomes that serves all family members the TEAM.

By bringing in a business mindset and team development via action learning and outdoor creative processes the business develops a new and transformative learning that shift from the inside out.

With her background in agriculture she comes from a place of empathy and understanding for this sector and after her own diversification and mainstream enterprises her experience is paramount to seeing the business take their business into 2020 and beyond with confidence and achievements. 

"2020 is a year for transformational growth in every area of life."

Working also as an Action Learning facilitator for Farming Connect in West Wales with over 15 groups from new business to regenerative agriculture. These groups are run for 12 months and have significant changes with group members on both personal and business aspects. Lilwen Selina has a natural ability to work with inter-generational family business and support business through succession to gain confidence and certainty for future generations. Visit the website, Email or Call Lilwen Selina on 07964302476

Matt Swain (1).pngMatt Swain is an experienced business and personnel coach with an extensive background in the Agri Industry. In 2002 he undertook a Nuffield Scholarship studying ‘Change’. 

In addition to being a Chartered Accountant he also certified as an intervention coach and NLP master practitioner.  

Matt specialises in work of a high degree of human complexity such as succession, bereavement or restructuring of family businesses.  

When not working, Matt is involved in many community roles and is an adventure athlete with plans to swim the English Channel in the near future.

If you are interested in working with Matt, please email him in the first instance to arrange an initial consultation.


SiSian Bushell.pngân Bushell is a dairy farmer’s daughter from Pembrokeshire and was a partner in a dairy farm for over 25 years.

She travelled to Australia in 2006 to be trained as a Succession Facilitator by Lyn Sykes. Siân has worked as a Facilitator all over the UK and Ireland for 15 years.

With her farming background she understands how difficult the succession conversation can be. Succession will happen. It will either be an unexpected event that can result in a large tax bill and sometimes a break up in family relationships. OR it can be something that is planned, where everyone knows what is to happen and everyone has had an opportunity to contribute to the plan.

A facilitator creates a safe and respectful environment where family members feel comfortable to talk. As an impartial person Siân can ask the hard questions that others may be reluctant to ask. The family find their own solutions and plans are made with the full agreement of everyone. Siân also runs courses on succession and often speaks at conferences and meetings.

To find out more about Sian, visit or get in touch with her,  Email:  or Phone - 07733 238986

Willie Horton.png

Willie Horton (FCCA AITI MM II BSc(Hons) Psychology MBPs) has been working in the field of personal, leadership and team development since 1996.  Born in Dublin, Ireland, he rose through Ireland’s financial services industry to senior management within sales and marketing.

In 1996, he established his consultancy practice,focusing on the effective development of teams and leaders in large businesses. Today, his clients include Pfizer, Deloitte, Nestlé, KPMG, Allergan, Diageo, Stada AG, ESB International, Jurys Inns, Unilever, Matheson and BDO – where his work includes the coaching and mentoring of senior executives and the training and development of leadership and functional teams both in the commercial and production environments. 

 Willie draws together diverse strands of psychology, neuroscience and business management to provide practical, up-to-the-minute knowledge and tools to people who want to achieve effortless happiness and success.

 For 121 executive coaching or if you have a larger farming business and are looking to incorporate coaching for senior management, email Willie to arrange a informal discussion.