Defining Your Vision and Goals 

You may be wondering why it is important to define your vision an goals in life and the simple answer is - if you don't know where you want to be and what you want from life - you will just be coasting and take whatever you are given.  

When we train our minds to live life more in the present than the normal mind is wired to do, we have a much greater ability to see the opportunities that will lead us to achieve just what we want to achieve, when we want to achieve it.

One of the greatest challenges in defining a vision can be that by committing to that vision, we feel like we might be disregarding all the other possibilities in life.  Your vision and goals can and will change over time and you can revisit this exercise as frequently as you wish.  What is important is that you start to focus where you want to be and begin to give some time each day to training your mind to focus on those goals. When you start to achieve those things, you can redefine and continue to build on your success.



Defining Your Core Values

You may also question the value of defining your own set of core values.  Our normal minds, without training, develop to be stressed and not pay attention to a lot of what is going on around us.  Therefore we find small things to get stressed about that often don't warrant such strain and pressure on the mind and of course our bodies and often these beliefs have come from experiences we had in our very early childhood years and a model of our world we developed from that time.

By carrying out an exercise to determine what values are truly important for you to live by each day, it can provide a framework for carrying out big decisions with a much greater clarity of if that decision is right for you and perhaps your business.  It also means that we have a strong reference to carry with us so that we 'don't sweat the small stuff!' 


Watch this short video which highlights what can happen when we don't give enough time to what is really important to us.

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